Join the Fight Against Inequality: Vote Rødt

This year’s election campaign is about making a turning point in the fight against rising inequalities in Norway.

For the last couple of decades, financial differences has been increasing regardless of which party has held power. The financial elites keep accumulating wealth, while common people’s safety is taken from them. That is why we need not only a new government, but a political turning point. Rødt is needed to guarantee that welfare will be non-profit, minimizing inequalities and ensuring fair environmental policies.

Welfare without profit is needed, so that funds go to offering care for children, sick and elderly, not towards dividends for commercially motivated owners.

Rødt Works Towards:

• Increased taxes for the wealth elites, especially for large fortunes, company profits and dividends.
• Gradually ensuring free dental services, in line with other health services. The teeth are part of the body.

Fairness in Environmental Policies
A new and impactful climate politics, cutting emissions fairly, is needed.
The lion’s share of the cost must be shouldered by those who have the most and pollute the most, not working people in salaried jobs.

Rødt Works Towards:
• Limiting the wealth elite’s luxurious consumerism by prohibitions and taxations.
• Investing part of the oil fund in environmentally friendly industry in Norway
• Investing in better and more affordable solutions for public transport in the entire country while saying no to new highways.

Fight Unemployment, not the Unemployed
True values are made by workers and they deserve safe and orderly working conditions. Rødt wants to counteract the poor working conditions for freelancers within the gig economy, social dumping and union busting.
People don’t get jobs by losing social welfare benefits. No one should be deprived of their unemployment benefits or other social welfare without a real possibility for supporting themselves through work, education or other decent income.

Rødt Works Towards:
• Increased rates for unemployment benefits as well as vacation benefits for unemployed.
• Banning temporary employment agencies, and securing the right to steady employment and a full-time job.
• Increase the number of jobs within processing Norwegian raw materials and to increase the staffing within health- and child care sectors.

Norway out of EEA
The EEA- agreement has become a tool for enforcing a policy of privatization and right- wing politics. Rule by the people is undermined when power is moved from elected political representatives and bodies, to the EU.

How to organize the labour market, the railroad and energy policy should be decided on a national level, not dictated by the EU.

Rødt Works Towards:
• Replacing the EEA with a trade agreement
• Ensuring priority for national collective agreements and labour law over EU- law.