Rødt Propaganda: Liam Joyce

Engelskmannen Liam Joyce ble trukket til Steinkjer av kjærligheten til sin kvinne. Han er meget bekymra for jordas fremtid på grunn av de menneskeskapte klimaforandringene og mener at det haster veldig med tiltak. Der sitter Rødt på løsningen! Bli kjent med vår 7.kandidat.

Navn: Liam Joyce

Alder: 42 år

Hva gjør du til daglig: Barnehageassistent

Hey Liam, hvorfor stiller du til valg for Rødt?

- I decided to join Rødt for many reasons, but it probably has to do with the fact that I’m British and know full well the damage a sustained right wing ideology based government does in the long term. I saw vast swathes of Britain laid to ruin because of Thatcher and later governments. Also, we all know that Capitalism’s invisible hand isn’t going to prevent a climatic catastrophe, infinite growth is a mathematical paradox. Being “a bit left” won’t solve anything.

Hvorfor trenger Steinkjer Rødt?

- Steinkjer need Rødt quite frankly because this viewpoint hasn’t been represented and therefore communicated to it’s citizens as a choice. The rural poor are behind in almost every way, and a decent internet connection can go a long way as numerous studies have shown. We need robust, flourishing provincial centres that can specialise in what the immediate environment offers. That means investment, from the ground up.

Hva er sosialisme for deg?

- Socialism for me is more than just equal equality. It’s about being consistently on the right side of history. It wasn’t the right that fought for women’s rights, or gay rights, or pointed out the hypocrisy in taking part in wars driven by the most extreme and wealthy nations was it?

Hvilke sak(er) er de viktigste for deg?

- Difficult to say what single issue is most important for me, but I suppose it’s what is is for every organism on the planet - climate change and the fact we are, right now, living through a global extinction event. If capitalism isn’t disbanded, we face a planet unable to sustain organised human life. It’s that serious.

Hvis du ble ordfører i morra, hva er det første du ville gjort med det digre ordførerkjedet rundt nakken?

- If I was suddenly the mayor, I’d call a meeting with all the largest companies operating in the area to insist that they cease using single use plastics altogether within a strict deadline. I’d also demand that all goods purchased for the council are locally sourced wherever possible and demand a decrease in fossil fuel vehicles used for moving goods within the municipality.

Hva er din beste egenskap?

- My best characteristic I suppose is that because I’m a foreigner, I’m not bound by the taboos of local life. I’ll joke when I want and say what I mean regardless of the setting. Communication and being forthright are essential to change. And radical change is what Rødt are about. No half measures.